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 Understanding Who Does What Minimize
As owners we need to understand our maintenance responsibilities and those of the Association. Aside from clarifying "who does what" it also helps us recognize how many maintenance items are actually covered as part of our association fee.

 Association Maintenance Responsibiliy Minimize


Maintenance Item

Association Responsibility


Jambs, Sashes, Sills, Hardware, etc.

Concrete and Asphalt

All By Budgeted Priority Basis. 

Mailboxes and Posts

All Mailboxes and Posts.


All Sprinklers, Controls, Heads and Adjustments. 


All Repairs and Replacement or Painting


All Repairs and Upgrades

Tennis Courts

Asphalt, Surface, Cleaning, Trash Removal, Net Adjustments, Installing and Taking Down.

Brick and Siding

All Exterior Brick and Siding.

 Owner Maintenance Responsibility Minimize


Maintenance Item

Owner Responsibility

Additions/Modifications: Roof, Windows, Skylights, Season Rooms

All Repairs and Replacement

Foundations of: Decks, 3-4 Season Rooms

All Repairs and Replacement

Deck Maintenance

All Repairs including Joists, Columns, Decking, Railings and Steps.

Air Conditioners

All Repairs and Replacement

Interior Sump Pump

All Repairs and Replacement

 Clarifying Responsibility by Maintenance Areas Minimize


Maintenance Item

Association Responsibility

Owner Responsibility

Window Glass Replacement

50% Fogged For Replacement.  If Accidental Breakage, Check for Warranty. 

Careless Breakage.  Less than 50% Fogged.


Screen Replacement and Repair

Normal Wear and Accidental Damage.

Careless Damage, Including Pets.

Interior Painting

Pool Buildings.

Individual Units, Including Resulting Damage From Common Element Unless Result of Performing Repair on Common Element.

Exterior Painting and Caulking

All Exterior Surfaces of Individual Units and Pool Buildings and Signs, Decks Excluded.

Decks and Railings. Maintaining Window Stain and Seal Between Schedualed Unit Restaining.

Furnaces and Thermostats

Pool Heater.

Unit Furnaces and Thermostats

Water Heaters

Pool Hot Water Heater.

All Unit Water Heaters.

Exterior Lighting

Pool Buildings.  Repair and  Replacement of Unit Pole Lamps.

All Unit Controlled Fixtures Except the responsibilities of the Association.  Changing Bulbs In Unit Pole Lamps.

Interior Lighting

Pool Buildings

Unit Bulbs and Fixtures.

Doors, Locks and Keys

Pool Building Doors.  All exterior doors.  Including weather stripping. (i.e. front entry doors, garage door and sliding glass door leading to a deck.)

All Unit Interior Doors and Hardware.  Unit Entry Deadbolt and Passage Locks, Storm doors on front or back.  Rear entry doors from 3 or 4 season’s room.

Garage Doors and Hardware

Doors, Panels and Hardware.

Electric Openers and Related Hardware.

Electric Circuits and Fixtures

All House Electric Panels, Breakers, Sensors, Wiring and Post Lamps.  Unit Wiring, Panels and Breakers.

All Unit Fixtures and Interior Switches.



Wiring and Transformers.

Fixtures, Buttons and Lights.


Plumbing Pipe Network To Fixture and Including Shut Off Valve Or Compression Fitting.  Includes Wax Ring For Toilet.

Garbage Disposals, Sinks, Tubs, Shower Stalls, Faucet Fixtures, Tub and Shower Fixtures From Valve or Compression Fitting.  Caulking of Tub, Shower and Sink Fixture.

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